Kitz Corporation of Europe

Services and executions

Special services

Kitz Corporation of Europe also offers the following special services and tests, if required by the customer.

  • Gas service
  • Hydrogen service
  • Oil and water free service
  • Silicon free service
  • Chlorine service
  • Chlorine service
  • Empty service
  • Ammonia service

Executions and accessories


Thanks to this system, the required temperature is maintained inside the valve in such a way that it allows a better flow of fluids with a high risk of freezing or hardening. Kitz Corporation of Europe manufactures Heating Chambers in Steel or Stainless Steel, with threaded (BSP or NPT) or flanged connections, prepared to be adapted to Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel valves, both in DIN and ANSI Standards. The tightness of the chamber is checked hydraulically at a minimum of 10 bar of pressure. The tightness of the valve is tested according to Standard, before and after the chamber is welded (double test).


Following safety criteria, it is common to place oval handles on valves up to DN40. This system, due to its design, allows avoiding unintentional operations that could cause accidents.



For high safety requirements, it is necessary that certain valves return to the closed position after their operation. With a dead man handle you ensure this happens.



To easily maneuver valves in installations with insulated piping, the “T” shaft extension is widely used. Kitz Corporation of Europe manufactures these extensions, entirely in stainless steel, with a standard length of 100mm, or on request with lengths of 50 or 150mm.



In certain applications of paint lines, the food or pharmaceutical industry and product storage, among others, to minimize the presence of residues in the cavity, between the ball and the internal surface of the valve, KITZ Corporation of Europe recommends that the valves incorporate extended seats. with internal linings of virgin PTFE or TFM1600, known as cavity filler seats, which considerably reduce the free space of the cavity and prolong the useful life of the seat.



This system allows the pressure accumulated in the valve cavity to be released automatically when it increases, to avoid risks. Pressure Relief seats have a special design whereby the seat itself deforms to release pressure from the cavity. It is easily identified by the geometry of the notches near the closure area.



Kitz Corporation of Europe offers different paint systems for our valves depending on the level of protection required. All of them in accordance with ISO 12944: Grades C3, C4 and C5/C5-M.
In addition to these painting procedures, we can adjust to the specific requirements of each client, including possible NORSOK, NACE, etc. certifications.

In addition, Kitz Corporation of Europe provides the possibility of carrying out tests in our factory to control the painting process, such as the salt control test, the dry thickness measurement test (DFT) and the adhesion test (according to ISO standards -2409 or ISO-4624), among others.