Kitz Corporation of Europe

Why choosing us

12 Arguments for choosing a KITZ ISO ball valve


Maximum quality

At KITZ Corporation of Europe we follow the highest standards and
Japanese quality procedures, both in the foundry and in
manufacturing and testing, so that a Kitz Iso valve offers you a
performance and duration far superior to the market standard.


Own manufacture

At KITZ Corporation of Europe we manufacture valves, we do not assemble. We have our own machining, welding, painting center, benches
tests etc

All this allows us the integral personalization of any demand required by the client.



At KITZ Corporation of Europe we design and manufacture valves with a high degree of flexibility. Our team of engineers develops and customizes products with the most advanced technology. We can even predict its behavior before production, since we subject the valve to multiple reliability and resistance tests.



KITZ Corporation of Europe has always had the firm conviction that its products, company and services must be covered by the most demanding accreditations by certifying entities of global prestige.

This unequivocal sign for achieving maximum quality assurance has resulted in numerous product improvement details.


Fugitive emission

Today, the involuntary emission of gases into the atmosphere derived
of the operations of an industrial plant, endangers not only the
environment but also the continuity of the plant itself.

To mitigate this type of emissions in its plant operations, KITZ Corporation of Europe
offers a wide range of ball valves that meet the standards
global low emissions throughout their life cycle.


Fire safety

Fires in industrial plants are an unwanted situation that
must be controlled. In addition, potential online spreads can
increase the magnitude of the fire. KITZ Corporation of Europe incorporates several solutions to
this problem, applying the latest updates of ISO standards
10497 or API 607, endorsed by first-class certifying entities
world level.


Maneuvering torque

The philosophy of KITZ Corporation of Europe is to ensure that its valves have the least operating torque with the least mechanical variability thanks to its R&D department and also the manufacturing area. 

This benefit is of paramount importance since it translates into two savings: 

– A lower automation cost by requiring a smaller size actuator. 

– And lower maintenance costs as there is less wear.


Maintenance – Spare parts

For an industrial plant, it is important to bet on good maintenance and with our spare parts we increase the performance of our valves for a long period of time, thus reducing the 'Total cost of ownership'. This translates into significant cost savings and minimizes, in turn, the environmental impact.


At KITZ Corporation of Europe we have the most important know-how based on the experience of more than 50 years offering service to different industrial sectors.  This experience allows us to provide our clients with the most appropriate response to their needs.



Our premise is to establish relationships of trust with all our clients. Relationships that last over time thanks to our dedication to service and our constant search for  excellence and the best quality in our product range in order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.



Increasingly, companies are paying more attention to the concept of Total Cost of Ownership, which consists of considering not only the COST of the valve, but also: Maintenance + Safety + Installation + Training + Shutdowns + Repairs + Penalties, etc.

KITZ Corporation of Europe valves have the most competitive total cost of ownership on the market thanks to improvements in design and performance.


Overall response

KITZ Corporation of Europe as a member of a recognized worldwide group, offers a global service to its clients in terms of:

- Technical support

- Design

- Service

– Manufacturing

And also in terms of stocks of our valves through our global network of distributors.