Kitz Corporation of Europe

R&D Policy

R&D Policy

Within its business strategy, Kitz Corporation of Europe is committed to R+D+i as an essential activity to respond to the constant demand for new technologies and products.
With this conviction, the organization develops these activities within a -D+i Management System according to the UNE 166002:2014 standard and based on the R+D+i Policy established by the General Management and based on the following principles :

  •  R&D&i must be an engine for the growth and continuous improvement of the company, generating new products that allow us to satisfy the needs of the interested parties, always committed to protecting the environment to minimize the impacts on our activities and with the compliance with applicable legal requirements.
  • R+D+i, insofar as it carries out constant and systematic technological surveillance, must represent a source of knowledge at the service of the entire organization.
  • Proximity to the market and knowledge of the sector by the entire organization must be channeled as a source of information for R&D&i to generate innovative products that open up new markets and new lines of business for the company.
  • In an increasingly competitive market, l-Dei must be an activity that sets KCE apart from the competition, bringing prestige and recognition to the entire organization.
  • The R&D&I Department must promote the necessary mechanisms to obtain economic aid and protect the results, which will reduce risk and encourage research, development and innovation activity.

The strategic axes of l-D+i are the following:

  • Development of new products with high added value
  • Increased productivity and fiexibility of production capacities
  • Increased R&D capabilities for new products

This policy is communicated and understood within the organization and reviewed annually for its continuous suitability. It is also available to interested parties.

Barcelona, ​​05 November 2020



Mary Louise Ribas

General Director