Kitz Corporation of Europe

Terms of Sale



1. The prices of our tariff are valid for the standard material reflected in it and subject to the quality controls of our company. Any request for a special product or materials subject to inspection on behalf of the client or that requires a special quality certificate must be offered and agreed upon in each case.


2. Designs specified in the catalog may be changed by KITZ CORPORATION OF EUROPE at any time, without prior notice. 


3. Orders for special products, or for quantities out of the ordinary, cannot be canceled or the specifications, shipping point, delivery terms and other agreed conditions changed, unless KITZ CORPORATION OF EUROPE is reimbursed how many expenses, damages or losses are caused or have been caused.


4. These General Conditions of Sale are automatically accepted by the Customer in the event of an order. 




1. When placing the order, which will be made by E-Mail, you must detail: 

a. The product code or series “Iso” or KITZ. 

b. The size of the valve and passage of the same (total or reduced). 

c. Connection type. 

d. Pressure standard to which it will be subjected. 

and. Materials and conditions of service. 

F. Offer (if any) from KITZ CORPORATION OF EUROPE. 


2. KITZ CORPORATION OF EUROPE reserves the right to freely reject any order made, notifying the customer in writing.


3. Minimum orders of €100. No order below this amount will be accepted.


1. Those notified when accepting the order. These prices will be firm unless the client requests any variation in materials, dimensions, shape or manufacture, delivery time, etc. of the requested products.

2. In the event of an increase in taxes, fiscal charges, etc., this increase will be fully passed on to the client.

3. Unless otherwise agreed, the prices are understood to be factory material, with the products traveling at the customer's expense and risk. 

4. All prices in our list are gross in euros, except where otherwise indicated, packaging excluded, located in our factory. 

5. Increase in packaging: See specific sales conditions and prices. 

6. Discounts: According to current agreements.


1. Net 30 days, except prior agreement. 

2. Delays in payments will enable KITZ CORPORATION OF EUROPE to withhold the delivery of orders in progress or to suspend the manufacture of these until the customer has regularized their payments, KITZ CORPORATION OF EUROPE not assuming any responsibility for the damages that may be caused. such delivery delays. 

3. Financial charges: In accordance with current regulations in Spain.


KITZ CORPORATION OF EUROPE will define risks of outstanding debt. When the outstanding debt exceeds the risk, another payment method must be agreed upon.


1. Regarding the materials available in our warehouses, the delivery of materials will be made when the order is accepted and in order of arrival. Regarding those that we do not have available in our warehouses or are special, we will indicate a delivery date when accepting the order, which is subject to cases of force majeure, such as strikes, lockouts, fires, floods, accidents, inability to obtain materials, government actions or impositions and other circumstances beyond our control. 

2. Shipping weights are approximate and based on product design.


Any inspection carried out by a third entity will entail a billing that will be indicated in each offer.


1. Standard: Valve tests at KITZ CORPORATION OF EUROPE and description of materials, according to current regulations EN 10204 3.1 included in the price list. 

2. 3.1: The identification certificate of the casting number of the valve body and terminal, will be in accordance with current regulations EN 10204 3.1, including a copy of the analysis certificate. Increase according to Conditions and particular prices of sale.



1. KITZ CORPORATION OF EUROPE guarantees the products manufactured at its Barcelona plant against manufacturing defects if they are used for the purposes for which they were manufactured and sold. This warranty expires one year after the delivery of the product, and the customer must notify KITZ CORPORATION OF EUROPE in writing within this period of any defect observed and immediately occurs. This warranty only covers the repair or replacement of the defective product with a new one in perfect condition. Once KITZ CORPORATION OF EUROPE has verified the correct use and installation of the product, it will repair it at the KITZ CORPORATION OF EUROPE facilities or replace it to the customer's address, not including the installation of the replaced product, which will be carried out by the customer. .


2. This warranty is null and void and will have no effect or value if the product has been modified whether or not the modification contributed to the defect or damage to the product. Any modification of the product is understood to be made under the responsibility and risk of the customer. The buyer is obligated to indemnify KITZ CORPORATION OF EUROPE and release it from any liability in the event that such modified product causes any damage to any person or facility. Any buyer who modifies and resells our products is obliged to notify their client that KITZ CORPORATION OF EUROPE does not guarantee or make the same.


3. KITZ CORPORATION OF EUROPE reserves the right to cover any legal actions, including claims for lost profits and damages to customers who modify all or part of their products.


4. The responsibility of KITZ CORPORATION OF EUROPE will be exclusively limited to the value of the supplied product.




1. Any claim to KITZ CORPORATION OF EUROPE regarding our products must be made by the client in writing and within 15 days from the departure of the material from KITZ CORPORATION OF EUROPE.


2. KITZ CORPORATION OF EUROPE may require the buyer to examine the merchandise at the time of receipt and give its approval as to quantity and quality, in which case the provisions of article 336, paragraph 4 of the code of Spanish trade.


3. KITZ CORPORATION OF EUROPE will not make any repair, change or refund to the customer if the customer does not accompany, along with his claim for defects covered by the guarantee, a certificate issued by the customer, certifying that said product or part of the guaranteed product was issued in a period of less than a year.




1. For standard products, the written authorization of KITZ CORPORATION OF EUROPE is mandatory and is subject to the final acceptance of returned material by our Quality Assurance Department. Said authorization will accompany the returned material. Any return will generate a payment by KITZ CORPORATION OF EUROPE of the value of the purchase invoice less 20%, in order to cover the costs of quality control of the material to be returned and its new storage, as long as the material is returned in perfect condition.


2. No return of products that have been manufactured especially for the client, or that have been subject to special quality certification, will be accepted.




Until the products have been fully paid for by the customer, the property and control of the same will continue to belong to KITZ CORPORATION OF EUROPE.




In any lawsuit arising from the sales relationship between KITZ CORPORATION OF EUROPE and the client, the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona (Spain) will be competent and will be judged in accordance with Spanish law.



The Customer accepts and acknowledges that the patents, copyrights, designs, trade names, registered trademarks and other intellectual property rights that KITZ CORPORATION OF EUROPE owns or may own in the future related to the products and/or their manufacture, as well as the instructions, catalogues, manuals, specifications, drawings and other information provided by KITZ CORPORATION OF EUROPE are the property and will remain the property of KITZ CORPORATION OF EUROPE, and the Client will not question the same. 


Unless the Client has obtained the prior written approval of KITZ CORPORATION OF EUROPE for each type of use, The Client may not use and/or transfer to third parties the trade names and registered trademarks and other types of Intellectual Property of KITZ CORPORATION OF EUROPE (including, but not limited to, the name “KITZ” and “ISO”) for any purpose.