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Whistleblower channel

Whistleblower channel

At KITZ CORPORATION OF EUROPE we work with the commitment to defend regulatory compliance every day. For this reason, with the aim of facilitating communication and management of possible incidents, we have implemented the Complaints Channel. This tool allows both employees and third parties to alert the entity about acts of fraud, corruption, harassment or other actions or omissions of our legal system that occur in the company.

Our Channel is a safe and confidential medium, which allows anonymous communications if the informant so wishes. It is important to note that all communications, anonymous or not, will be treated confidentially and securely. The communications will be analyzed, leading to the opening of the corresponding investigation procedures, if there are sufficient elements or indications. 

    Complaints channel Kitz Corporation of Europe


    The Complaints Channel is not a means to provide suggestions, proposals or other types of considerations; nor is it to generate unfounded or false situations of conflict, since the person responsible for the treatment will ask the communicator for evidence of the behaviors or facts that are reported.

    If you want to share any information with us, we would appreciate it if you describe the facts precisely, the team/area/department affected, the date of the incident or the period in which it happened, as well as the people involved.